Cat Joint Care

Cat Joint Care


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Joint Care Products for Cats

Why buy Joint health products for your cat?

Keeping your cat comfortable and free from the pain of arthritis is easy with joint care products. Arthritis is a condition which involves inflammation of cartilage within the joints. It is a painful condition that affects every cat to some extent as they age. Arthritis involves thinning and inflammation of the joint cartilage, and less cushioning between bones. Cats are particularly stoic, so they tend not to show joint pain until the condition is quite severe. Products that help relieve the pain of arthritis are varied, but all aim to either reduce inflammation inside the joints, restore cartilage health, or increase cushioning via joint fluid production.

Why do cats get arthritis? Just like us, cats get weaker and more sensitive joint cartilage as they age. Cell regeneration in joint cartilage is slower and weaker in older cats, just as it is in humans.

An extensive range of cat joint care products

Want to know how to help your cat with arthritis? While painkillers from your vet offer the strongest relief, there are many products that can be given at home that help significantly. Supplements that promote cartilage regeneration, joint fluid production, cushioning between joints, and even decrease pain, are available to give to your cat in powder form, chewable form, or even as a ready-made joint supporting dry food.

With Joint-supporting food, capsules, and powder supplements, Pet Circle has everything you need to keep your cat's stiff joints under control.

All the top brands

At Pet Circle, you will find all the top brands including Joint Guard, Seaflex, and PAW Blackmores.