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Cat Wet Food

Feeding wet food from a can or sachet is a great way to add some variety to your cat's diet, while also contributing to their water intake to support kidney and bladder health. At Pet Circle we've got a great range of wet recipes available with delicious flavours and premium ingredients to please even the fussiest feline.

Scientific Formulas

Super premium brands like Royal Canin, Hill's Science Diet and Advance make precisely balanced, scientifically formulated recipes specifically designed to meet the unique nutritional requirements of your cat's lifestage as well as catering for special health needs like urinary health and sensitive digestion.

Natural and Grain Free

If you prefer to feed your cat a natural or grain free diet, we've got plenty of high quality, nutritious and delicious brands of wet food to choose from including Canidae, Ziwipeak, Artemis and Holistic Select.

Indulgent Favourites

With all their favourite flavours from Fancy Feast and Dine available in our online store, you can spoil your feline friend with a little taste of luxury at every meal time.