Hills Prescription Diet Dog Food

Hills Prescription Diet Dog Food


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Prescribing your dog the best in life

Just as we humans are sometimes given a special diet to follow to keep our body happy and healthy, your dog can also be diagnosed with certain health issues that require a specially prescribed diet. In their world, said diet is supplied with approval of a veterinarian - and they may recommend a leading name in pet health, namely Hill's Prescription Diet.

Since the 1960s, Hill's has been working toward optimal pet health through diet, with one of their first prescription diets developed to assist with dog kidney issues (Hill's Prescription Diet k/d). These days, Hill's prescription diets cover a wide range of dog health ailments.

A diet that puts your pet's health first

Hill's Prescription Diet dog food can be used to treat, manage or prevent a wide range of health conditions, including dental disease, arthritis, obesity, kidney and liver failure, pancreatitis, digestive issues (Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Digestive Care), bladder stones and urinary crystals. One of their most popular varieties also covers dog skin allergies and food intolerances. All Hill's Prescription Diet ingredients have been selected and tested in order to provide comfort to your dog's health condition.

It's important to note that Hill's Prescription Diet dog food should only be used under the recommendation and supervision of your dog's veterinarian, and are usually only available exclusively from veterinary clinics and hospitals. But at Pet Circle, we have a dedicated customer service team of vets and vet nurses available to assistance and advice, which means that we can offer you a broad range of Hill's Prescription Diet products at very competitive prices.

We want the best for your pet - ask us about Hill's Prescription Diet dog food today. Please visit individual product pages to Hill's Prescription Diet ingredients and feeding guidelines.