Fish Filters and Media

Fish Filters and Media


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Shop our range of fish tank filters and media at Pet Circle. With filters and media including poly foam pads, carbon, bio screens, hang-on filters, and ammonia removers, Pet Circle has everything you need to keep your tank filtered and fresh. Fluval is a trusted brand producing top-quality products for you and your fish.

Filters and media are essential to keep your aquarium healthy. The health of your aquarium intricately affects the health of your fish. Filters encourage the nitrogen cycle to keep going and improve the quality of water flowing through.

3 types of filter media: For adequate tank health, there are three different types of filter media. These include mechanical (ie, physical straining of solids from the water), biological (anything inert that provides housing for beneficial bacteria), and chemical media (including activated carbon or ion exchange resins). Filters should be changed every month, and expiration dates should always be adhered to.