Cat Beds

Cat Beds


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What are my options for cat beds?

At Pet Circle we strive to have the best selection of cat beds in Australia. Our different styles of cosy cat beds include classic cushion mats, cat window beds, cat cave beds, removable cushion beds, elevated cat beds, cat igloo beds, covered cat beds, bolster beds, Eskimo Beds, dome beds, and cosy mattress cushions. That's a lot of beds!

Fluffy-lined bolster beds or Eskimo Beds are great to keep your cat encased in comfort. Cat igloo beds, dome, cave or cubby style pods are great for cats that love to hide away. Plain mattress cushions and memory foam pet beds are great for older cats with arthritis, or cats with injuries as it ensures they don't have trouble getting over a high lip. With Pet Circle’s selection of easy to install suction cup cat window beds your cat will be soaking up the Australian sun in no time!

The most luxurious cat bed brands for your fur baby

No matter what style of bed your cat prefers, we guarantee the best selection of luxury cat bed brands. At Pet Circle you can shop for top brands such as Mog and Bone, Fuzzyard, Scruffs, Petface and Snooza pet beds.

What's the difference between an indoor and outdoor cat bed?

When selecting a pet bed for use outdoors, you should always seek a water-resistant material. Most indoor cat bedding is not subduable outdoors because they lack the correct fabric treatments to stay dry. Other key features you will want in an outdoor cat bed are UV treating, washable fabrics, and a quality zipper to keep unwanted pests like flees out!

What type of bed will help keep my cat be warm during winter and cool during summer?

For pet owners looking for a multi-seasonal cat bed check out our range of reversible circular beds. They offer a plush fleece cushion on the inside and a stylish fabric print on the outside. These beds can be easily reversed with the changing of the seasons.

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