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With an extensive range of cat treats, it's easy to pamper and spoil your well-deserving feline friend. Treats available include natural cat treats, Greenies dental cat treats, Dine creamy treats, Sunday Pets freeze-dried cat treats, Pit'r Pat breath treats, Temptations treats, Hagen dried fish for cats, Lovem Purrfect treats, and Blackcat delites.

A treat to tempt fussy cats

Because every cat has a different preference for their favourite type of treat, there is a treat available in every meaty flavour. Crunchy biscuit treats or liver treats for cats can be found from Temptations or Purrfect Lovem treats. Want some help helping bad cat breath? Try Pit'r Pat fresh breath cat treats. Cat dental chews can be found in the Greenies range, as fish or chicken flavour. Freeze dried options are available from Sunday Pets, in fancy flavours such as Manuka Glazed Lamb, NZ Beef and Blueberry, or Wild Fish. If your kitty is fish-loving, try the delicious Hagen Dried Fish. Blackcat treats are available in an array of flavours including lamb, fish, kangaroo, and chicken.