What are the Best Cat Treats?


This article is written by Pet Circle veterinarian, Dr Carla Paszkowski BVSC (Hons) and Dr Katelyn Bailey BVSc (Hons)

When it comes to giving your cat a treat, there's one very important thing to keep in mind. Your cat is not just a cat; they are feline royalty. (And they know it!) A feline royal won't take any old tidbit - they deserve to be 'treated' like the queen or king that they are.

But as much as you'd love to spoil them with kobe steak slices, foie gras and gourmet french fromage while fanning them atop a royal pouffe, such a diet isn't always conducive to their health.

Thankfully there are treats available which can help support their health and please that royal palate of theirs! Whether you cat needs some extra dental care, a calming aid, or perhaps some extra hydration in their diet, there are treat products available nowadays that can help address many common minor conditions. And if training is on your mind, rest assured there is also an abundance of tasty training treats on offer for your feline friend.

Treats really are the cleverest way to 'treat' your cat and their health, too!


The best DENTAL cat treats

The best JOINT CARE cat treats

The best TRAINING cat treats

The best LIQUID cat treats

The best CALMING cat treats

The best NATURAL cat treats

The best SINGLE PROTEIN cat treats

Why is choosing the right cat treat important?

Treats are an important part of cat ownership. They provide some tasty variety in the diet, can help to manage certain minor health issues and can be used daily to train your cat and encourage them to repeat desired behaviours (yes, cats can be trained too!). Having the right treats ensures that your cat feels rewarded, stays engaged during training sessions and increases the value in repeating the behaviour they are being rewarded for.

Five factors to consider when choosing a treat for your cat:

1. Flavour

Treats are often used as rewards, so you want to use a treat that is tasty and that your cat wants to receive. The more your cat enjoys the treat, the more rewarded they will feel and the more they will want to work for it. Similarly, if you're using the treat as a supplement for a health condition, you'll want to make sure they enjoy it! Try selecting treats in your cat's favourite flavours or textures.

2. Health Conditions

If your kitty has any health conditions, your treating veterinarian should be your first port of call when it comes to dietary and treat advice. While they're often best used in combination with other methods and are rarely a solution on their own, specially formulated treats can help to play a part in the management of some minor health issues, such as dental disease, arthritis and anxiety. Make sure to reach out to your vet for further advice on any other management methods that can help support your cat's specific needs.

3. Safe to Eat

Choosing healthy treats with high quality ingredients that support your cat's health needs is vital for helping them stay healthy and keeping them interested. Make sure you introduce new treats slowly to avoid tummy upsets.

4. Ease of use

Training and treating can happen anywhere and at any time. Choosing treats that are easy to store, clean to transport and small enough to provide a quick reward means you can spoil your kitty or capture good behaviours whenever they occur.

5. How many to give

Giving too many treats can easily contribute to excess daily caloric intake and weight gain. While some treats will list a recommended daily feeding amount, some will not. The golden rule is to feed less than 10% of your cat's daily caloric intake as treats. This will ensure that the majority of their diet remains complete and balanced for their nutritional needs. This is especially important for treats that are designed for supplemental or intermittent feeding only. Always make sure to take your cat's treat intake into account when calculating the daily feeding amount of their regular diet, especially if they are prone to weight gain.

The Best Dental Cat Treat

Best Dental Treat: Greenies


  • Highly palatable
  • Available in a range of flavours for variety
  • Proven to reduce tartar by mechanically cleaning teeth as they're chewed
  • Accepted by Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) for tartar control
  • Meets nutritional levels established by AAFCO for adult maintenance


  • Smaller size (compared to dog dental treats) means that some cats may swallow them whole or use minimal chewing, which greatly reduces the treat's effect
  • Not suitable for kittens
  • Not made in Australia

Because 80% of cats will suffer from dental disease throughout their life, dental chews may be suitable for any cat.

How Dental Treats Work: Dental chews work by acting almost like a toothbrush: the action of chewing and grinding the teeth against a hard surface mechanically removes plaque and tartar. The longer it takes for your cat to chew a treat, the more their teeth grind on the treat, and the better the dental care. However, this does mean that treats that are swallowed quickly have no real dental benefit - and may quickly add extra calories into the diet!

Greenies are well-established as one of the best dental treats on the market for our feline friends, being approved for tartar control by the Veterinary Oral Health Council. These dental treats contain natural oat fibre to mechanically clean your cat's teeth. They act almost like a toothbrush: the action of chewing and grinding the teeth against the treat's surface mechanically removes plaque and tartar. The longer it takes for your cat to chew a treat, the more their teeth grind on the treat, and the better the dental care. However, this does mean that treats that are swallowed quickly have no real dental benefit, something to keep in mind if your kitty likes to scoff their food.

Greenies are suitable to use from 12 months of age and come in a range of flavours to tempt even the fussiest cat, including catnip, oven roasted chicken and salmon. They are a complete and balanced treat option, but make sure to take the extra calories provided by the Greenies into account to avoid overfeeding.

What our customers say: "I like that I am giving my cat a treat while also looking after her teeth and gum health. She loves the flavour and begs me for more. The treats also make her breath smell nicer."

What our vets say: "My cat Jasper is a huge fan of Greenies, and always looks forward to them! I love the fact that he is receiving dental care and treats in one, as well as the assurance that these treats have been accepted by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC). The variety of flavours available are great to keep even the fussiest felines interested!" - Dr Jacqui Victor

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The Best Arthritis Treat

Best Arthritis Treat for Cats: Vetalogica Vitarapid Joint Care Daily Treats


  • Contain multiple joint-supporting ingredients such as glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and omega oils
  • Made in Australia
  • Highly palatable
  • Suitable for cats of all ages


  • Only available in one flavour
  • Designed for supplementary feeding only, so make sure to stick to recommended daily amount

Although arthritis is one of the most common health conditions in cats as they age, the good news is that there are plenty of products you can use at home to help ease those stiff aches and pains. It might surprise you to hear that proven joint care compounds are available in the form of a tasty treat.

Vetalogica Joint Care treats contain concentrated levels of glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and omega oils which help to maintain bone and joint health as your kitty ages. These delicious treats have been carefully developed with natural ingredients that provide quick-acting essential vitamins and minerals for your cat, and can be given daily to provide some relief from arthritis and other joint conditions.

Glucosamine and chondroitin are the building blocks of normal healthy cartilage and provide essential joint nutrients to help protect, nourish and repair cartilage. With minimal side effects compared to some of the common pain relief medications, they are a good option for mild cases of arthritis and to use alongside other therapies.

Omega fatty acids have been demonstrated to have anti-inflammatory properties, and as far as supplements for arthritis go, they are backed by the most convincing evidence. Omega 3s can be obtained from lots of different sources including fish oil, green lipped mussel powder, flaxseeds and nuts.

Please note that these treats are designed for supplementary feeding and do not constitute a complete and balanced diet.

What our customers say: "My cat is elderly and a very fussy eater but likes having these little biscuits as a treat - I give him 4 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, and can see an improvement. I was out of them for a few days and he started limping again, so will definitely keep up with them. Recommended."

What our vets say: "I love recommending Vetalogica Vitarapid Daily Joint Care Treats as not only do cats absolutely love the taste - they are also helping to protect their joints. Vitarapid Joint Care Treats contain glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and omega oils - all of which are beneficial for joint health maintenance. Some cats can be fussy with powders and tablets, so having a joint supplement in treat form is the perfect solution." - Dr Samantha Wycherley

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The Best Training Reward Treats

Best Training Treats: Temptations


  • Available in a range of flavours for variety
  • Meets nutritional levels established by AAFCO for adult maintenance
  • Can feed up to 17 treats per day to a 4.5kg adult cat- so make a great option for training sessions
  • Low fat treat option, less than 2 calories per treat


  • Not made in Australia
  • No single protein treat option

Whether you're training your cat how to walk on a lead or teaching them some other fabulous trick, it's always a good idea to have some training treats on hand. The ideal training treat should be highly palatable, available in a range of flavours, and on the smaller side; bite sized pieces are ideal.

Temptations treats tick all of these boxes and are our top pick for kitty training treats. Their crunchy outer layer and soft inner centre make these cat treats the ultimate temptation and reward. Whether your cat is a fan of chicken, beef, turkey, seafood or all of the above there's sure to be a flavour for them! These treats are complete and balanced for adult maintenance, and are low in fat, and so they are perfect for guilt free treating and cats who are prone to weight gain.

Up to 17 treats per day can be fed to a 4.5kg cat, making them an excellent choice for training sessions.

What our customers say: "Wow, what a fantastic treat! The kitty just adored these and it's reassuring knowing they're a balanced treat. One shake of the pack and all the fur babies come sprinting, begging for more of these delicious treats!"

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The Best Liquid Treats

Best Liquid Treats: Dine Creamy Treats


  • Available in a range of flavours for variety
  • Easy to use- can be squeezed by hand straight from the sachet
  • Delicious creamy texture, great for training or distraction
  • Can be used as a meal topper to entice fussy eaters


  • Designed for occasional or supplementary feeding only, not complete and balanced
  • May be messier than solid treats

Many people are often surprised to learn that liquid, paste, and pate-style treats work incredibly well as treats for cats. Kitties can't seem to get enough of that slurpy texture! With an irresistible creamy texture and a rainbow of delicious flavours, Dine Creamy Treats are designed to be squeezed by hand straight from the sachet.

These treats come in a range of flavours and while they can simply be used as a special treat, their liquid consistency makes them very versatile and they're also a great option to use for training or when a minor distraction is needed, such as during nail trims or when being examined at the vet clinic. They can also be mixed with liquid medication, or used as a meal topper for fussy eaters.

While there is no official feeding guide available for these treats, it's important to note that they are designed for supplementary feeding only and are not complete and balanced, so we recommend no more than one or two sachets per day.

What our customers say: "My cat Luna loves these treats, perfect for training or putting on her licki mat. They must taste good cos she's always excited to get some and can't get enough! Highly recommended."

What our vets say: "I love using Dine Creamy Treats in the exam room. It is so easy to squeeze the contents of the sachet onto a lickimat so the cat enjoys a treat while I give them a vaccine - they don't even notice as they are so engrossed in the yummy flavours! It’s a great treat to have on hand to use as a distraction technique. The sachets are the perfect size for one cat as a special treat." - Dr Jenny Eales

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Best Calming Cat Treats

Best Calming Treats: Vetalogica Hemp Clinicals Calming Cat Treats


  • Made in Australia
  • Contain organic hemp, chamomile and L-tryptophan to promote gentle calming and anti-anxiety effects
  • Natural and grain free with no artificial colours, flavours, gluten or GMOs
  • Suitable for cats of all ages


  • Only available in one flavour
  • Designed for intermittent or supplemental feeding only, not a complete and balanced diet

A serious condition and more common than you would think, anxiety affects cats of all breeds and sizes. Cats are very prone to anxiety and it can present in a number of different ways - from urinary marking, to overgrooming, to hyperactivity at night. In fact, almost any problem behaviour may be caused by or exacerbated by anxiety.

Most calming treats are infused with either a neutraceutical compound such as tryptophan, or herbal extract such as hemp or chamomile.

Vetalogica Hemp Clinicals Calming Treats are our top treat choice for anxious kitties. With organic hemp, chamomile and L-tryptophan, these non-intoxicating treats can be used to reduce stress. They contain real Australian fish and sweet potato, and are free from grain, gluten, and GMOs.

They are suitable for cats of all ages and are especially useful during periods of change, such as travel, separation, or environmental stress. As they are not complete and balanced, make sure not to feed more than the recommended daily amount.

Please note that this product contains extremely low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) as it uses compounds derived from hemp seed, rather than hemp leaves or flowers. Hemp seeds are rich in healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and protein, and while they may contain trace amounts of CBD or THC, the amount is so minute it is not expected to have any effect. For more information, please see our article on Hemp and Cannabis Oil for Pets.

What our customers say: "I bought these to help calm my cats, adjusting to a newly rescued cat being added to the household. All three cats loved the taste of them (even the ones who generally don't eat fish flavoured food.) They were all very calm and relaxed soon after eating them. I would definitely recommend them, as well as purchasing from Pet Circle as their service is excellent."

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Best Natural Cat Treats

Best Natural Cat Treats: Feline Natural Grain-Free Healthy Lamb


  • Made from 100% New Zealand lamb meat and organs
  • No grains, gluten, or artificial preservatives
  • Freeze-dried to lock in flavour and improve palatability
  • Beef flavour also available
  • Made in New Zealand


  • Designed for intermittent or supplemental feeding only, not a complete and balanced diet

If you're searching for an all-natural, flavourful, premium treat, look no further than Feline Natural's grain free healthy lamb bites. These treats are made from 100% New Zealand grass-fed, free-range lamb and are packed with high quality protein and nutrients for your feline friend. As they are freeze dried, they make a highly palatable option for fussy eaters.

Perfect for training, rewarding or just for being your best friend, this is a natural treat you can feel good about giving. As it contains only lamb, it's a great choice for kitties that may have sensitivities or allergies to common proteins like chicken or fish.

If lamb isn't your cat's favourite, Feline Natural also has a beef version of this treat available.

This is not a complete and balanced treat option, so make sure to limit your cat's daily intake.

What our customers say: "Love it, give them as treats or sprinkled/mixed into wet food, love that it's 100% lamb and nothing else, smells so good even I want to eat it."

What our vets say: "If you're looking for a premium quality, natural treat for your cat, check out Feline Natural's Healthy Lamb Bites! These delicious, bite-sized treats are naturally preserved via freeze-drying to lock in the tasty, nutritional goodness of grass-fed, free-range lamb. It's grain and gluten free and doesn't have any fillers nor artificial flavours or preservatives, making it a fantastic, healthy, natural treat option for kitties of all breeds and life stages." - Dr Antonella Viriña

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Best Single Protein Cat Treats

Best Single Protein Treats: Prime 100 Pantry Nibbles, Salmon


  • Australian made
  • Single protein source (salmon) makes it an excellent choice for cats with sensitivities to other proteins
  • Contains added omega oil and green lipped mussel for skin and joint health
  • Small size for easy nibbling


  • Not suitable for cats with sensitivities to fish protein
  • Designed for supplementary feeding only, so make sure to stick to recommended daily amount

Prime 100 is a 100% Australian owned and made pet food company with a reputation for high quality, innovative and premium products dedicated to improving the health of your pet.

Single protein treats are an excellent option for kitties that have food allergies or dietary sensitivities to certain proteins. These Prime 100 salmon nibbles are chewy, delicious and boosted with Hemp Seed Oil and Green Lipped Mussel to help improve skin and coat health and support the joints- so you can be sure your kitty is not just getting a tasty treat, but health benefits too!

These treats are designed for supplementary or intermittent feeding only, so make sure to stick to the recommended feeding amount of 2-3 treats per day.

What our customers say: "Even my fussy one loves these treats. Soft chewy salmon pieces. They also smell like real food and doesn't smell like it has a heap of preservatives."

What our vets say: "My cats love these tasty Prime 100 salmon treats! They are made from 100% salmon making them a good option for cats with allergies or for those who enjoy fish. They also contain hemp seed oil and green lipped mussel to nourish the skin and coat and support the joints. The texture is soft and chewy which cats seem to love." - Dr Angie Armstrong

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What to look for when choosing a cat treat

1. Tasty Ingredients

A treat is intended to be a reward and something that your cat wants to work for. Look for treats with a real meat protein source as the main ingredient, and the other ingredients should be from natural sources. These treats are often more palatable and have an enticing smell that makes them highly engaging for your kitty. Your cat's favourite treat is probably going to be the one that smells the strongest!

2. Nutritional Value

Treats are a common contributor to weight gain in our cats. So when looking for treats, you want to know you are offering something that is not only tasty, but is also healthy and wholesome. Look for low fat treats using natural ingredients with fewer artificial colours and flavours to ensure your cat is getting something that isn't going to pack on the pounds or make their tummy upset. Some treats may also contain added ingredients to support overall health, such as vitamins and minerals or omega fatty acids.

3. Flavour Variety

We all know that eating the same food all the time can get boring. The same principle applies for your cat. If they always receive the same treat, that treat will lose its value. Look for treats that come in a variety of flavours, mix and match treat options and rotate through different options.

4. Consider your cat's specific needs

Some cats may have special dietary requirements due to health conditions or sensitivities. Look for treats that are highly digestible and easy to transition on to or meet those dietary requirements. If your cat has specific dietary needs, consult with your veterinarian for specific recommendations.

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