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Dr. Carla Paszkowski, BVSc

Last Updated 1 JAN 2020

Dr. Carla Paszkowski is one of Pet Circle's qualified veterinarians and pet care content gurus. Dr. Carla graduated from the University of Queensland in 2013 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science and worked for a number of years in small animal clinics across South East Queensland. While Carla enjoys most facets of clinical veterinary work, she holds a special passion for feline medicine, pocket pets, and nutrition.

Her favourite part of being a vet is the colourful variability and exciting unpredictability of the case load - in one day, you may surgically remove a skin tumour from a Labrador in the morning, and then treat a parrot for nasal mites in the afternoon!

Dr. Carla's Pets

Carla is 'Mum' to a fluffy, cross-eyed Ragdoll named Smudge, who she rescued from her previous clinic in 2014. Underweight and on the brink of death, Smudge was surrendered to the clinic as she was suffering from an 'intussusception' (a painful condition in which the bowel telescopes back onto itself). Overcome by Smudge's sweet, loving personality, Carla initially intended to foster Smudge, complete the required surgery, and find a suitable home for her. But before long, Carla realised she couldn't bear to part with such a lovely, precious soul, and Smudge officially became a 'foster fail'.

Carla and Smudge

At Pet Circle

History: Dr. Carla joined Pet Circle in late 2016. Forming part of our veterinary team, Carla provides in-house veterinary counsel, training and support for our customer service team, as well as written pet care content for Pet Circle's Education Portal. She has also starred in a number of our Pet Tip Videos. With veterinarians like Carla on board, our customer service team is equipped with the 'best standard' pet care knowledge from an educated 'animal first' standpoint.

Dr. Carla's favourite part about working at Pet Circle is being able to to impart advice to a wider audience of pet parents all over the country. She enjoys the creative side of producing pet care content and the broad exposure she's had to the areas of nutrition and holistic medicine - two rapidly growing fields in the veterinary space. Carla loves hearing about customer's pets and encourages anyone with questions to get in contact via Pet Circle's Ask A Vet service.

Carla's Top Recommended Products

Rufus and Coco Clumping Corn Litter

"This clumping litter changed my life! It has large pellets so it doesn't track on Smudge's feet, it's non-dusty, and it forms firm clumps which mean I only need to replace the tray once every two weeks."

4cyte Joint Supplement

"A joint supplement with proven ingredients, 4cyte is perfect for any older animal with osteoarthritis, or any animal with a history of joint injury as a means of prevention."

The Big 5

"By far the best value I've observed for complete parasite protection in dogs. This combination pack provides protection against fleas, ticks, intestinal worms including tapeworm, and heart worm."

Sure Feed Microchip Pet Feeder

"The perfect solution for keeping one pet out of another pet's bowl - this microchip-activated feeder saved me so much in cat food because it stopped my dog eating all her kibble!"

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