Buy Small Pet Bedding & Clean Up Online

Buy Small Pet Bedding & Clean Up Online


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Rabbit, Guinea Pig and Small Pet Bedding and Clean Up

For any rabbit hutch, guinea pig or mouse cage, the right bedding can really make home feel like sweet home. While many of us may have used shredded newspaper as cage bedding when we were children, there are better options for your rabbit’s cage, including soft straw or clever 100% natural cellulose fibre, often with odour control or the added protection of deterring mites for a comfortable, cosy space for your pet.

A home for any pocket pet: whether you have a rabbit, guinnea pig, mouse, rat, or ferret, Pet Circle has the right product for you!

Small pets can come with a big list of responsibilities…and this includes looking after everything from the cleanliness of their enclosure to the condition of their fur. Small pets can suffer from a number of ailments, including skin mites and other parasites – but we’re here to stop that! Pet Circle stocks pet home cleaning products for rabbits and more to keep pet cages spic and span and free from nasties!