Hill's Science Diet Cat Food

Hill's Science Diet Cat Food


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Hill's Science Diet: the science of great cat food

Hill's Science Diet formulas provide nutrition that is precisely balanced to keep your cat in peak condition. With over 20 wet and dry formulas available (and to think: Hill's started with just one diet back in the 1960s!), we're sure to have a Hill's Science Diet product to suit your cat's specific needs.

Lifestage-appropriate nutrition

Your cat's nutritional requirements will change as they age. For example, aging cats benefit from controlled levels of phosphorus and sodium to help maintain the health of the heart, kidneys and other vital organs, while young kittens need higher levels of energy, calcium and phosphorus to help them grown and develop. Hill's Science Diet have developed formulas to suit growing kittens, adult, senior and ageing cats to ensure that your cat receives the optimum nutrition they need for a long and happy life. To ensure this, they employ over 220 veterinarians, PhD nutritionists and food scientists at the Hill's Pet Nutrition Center in Kansas to help them develop industry-leading product innovations.

Specialised nutrition for your cat's health condition

Hill's Science Diet produces formulas that utilise precisely balanced nutrition and high-quality ingredients to help address some common feline health concerns including weight management, hairballs and sensitive digestion. One of the most popular is Hill's Science Diet urinary cat food, which contains controlled mineral levels to support urinary tract health as well as natural fibre to help reduce hairball formation without the requirement of a vet's approval. Another best-seller is Hill's Science Diet Feline Adult Oral Care uses a unique kibble technology of interlocking fibres to help clean your cat's teeth as they chew. Better still, these diets are manufactured to the same standards every time, reducing upset in your cat's digestion and keeping them happy and healthy.

Our top picks…

Wondering what our recommended Hill's Science Diet cat foods are? Keep in mind that your cat's dietary needs may differ depending on their condition

  • Feline Oral Care: Cat dental care can be tricky, but this specially formulated diet helps to keep your cat's teeth clean as they chew
  • Feline Indoor Cat: High quality protein to promote healthy weight management in less-active indoor cats
  • Kitten Healthy Development: contains natural DHA from fish oil to support healthy eye and brain development, as well as a clinically proven antioxidant blend including vitamins C & E to support a healthy immune system as your kitten grows
  • Feline Adult Hairball: Natural fibre to help reduce hairball formation in your cat
  • Feline Mature Adult: Formulated with a precise balance of nutrients to help support kidney and other vital organ health in aging cats

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