Hill's Science Diet Cat Food


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Hill's Science Diet Cat Food

Hill's Science Diet formulas provide nutrition that is precisely balanced to keep your cat in peak condition. With over 20 wet and dry formulas available, we're sure to have a Hill's Science Diet product to suit your cat's specific needs.

Lifestage Nutrition

Your cat's nutritional requirements will change as they age, for example, aging cats benefit from controlled levels of phosphorus and sodium to help maintain the health of the heart, kidneys and other vital organs, while young kittens need higher levels of energy, calcium and phosphorus to help them grown and develop. Hill's Science Diet have developed formulas to suit growing kittens, adult, senior and ageing cats to ensure that your cat recieves the optimum nutrition they need for a long and happy life.

Special Health Needs

Hill's Science Diet produce formulas that utilise precisely balanced nutrition and high quality ingredients to help address some common feline health concerns including weight management, hairballs and sensitive digestion. In addition, Hill's Science Diet Feline Adult Oral Care uses a unique kibble technology of interlocking fibres to help clean your cat's teeth as she chews.