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Cat Dry Food

Dry food formulas are a convenient and economical way to ensure that your cat or kitten gets all the essential nutrition they need to look and feel their best. With a wide range of brands to choose from, we've got something sure to please even the fussiest of felines or most meticulous of moggies.

Super Premium Dry Food

Premium, vet recommended brands like Royal Canin, Hill's Science Diet and Advance make formulas that are precisely balanced to meet the unique nutritional needs of your cat's breed and life-stage, as well as formulas designed for special health needs like hairball control, weight management and dental hygiene. For cats with more specific health requirements, there's also the Royal Canin Veterinary Diet and Hill's Prescription Diet ranges that can be used if recommended by your veterinarian.

Natural and Grain Free Dry Food

Natural cat foods are packed with wholesome nutrition from natural ingredients like fresh meats, fruits and vegetables and are free of any artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. We've got natural and grain free cat foods from popular brands like Canidae, Taste of the Wild, Ziwipeak, Black Hawk, Feline Natural and plenty more!