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Royal Canin Dog Food Online | Lowest Prices + Free Shipping*


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Royal Canin: a history of tailored nutrition

Since its founding in France in 1968, Royal Canin has focused on nutrition tailored to pets' specific health concerns – an area in which they have excelled. Today, Royal Canin offers over 93 unique diets backed by veterinary and scientific research and development. They were the first to recognise the nutritional requirements of large breed puppies, and soon followed up with diets to suit the needs of small, medium and large breeds of dogs. Today, they continue to lead the way in high-quality pet food with scientific merit.

All breeds great and small

While today's companion dogs share ancestral ties to the wolf, their diets necessarily do not. Whilst high-quality meat proteins are always a must for dogs, Royal Canin goes a step further to address the specific needs of dozens of breeds – from the weight gain-prone Labrador Retriever to the brachycephalic jaw shape of the Boxer. Royal Canin's ingredients are also carefully selected to ensure optimum digestion and absorption by the body while also being highly palatable. They even offer unique kibble shapes and sizes, taking into consideration the size, shape, texture and density to tailor it to the specific characteristics of the dog for which it is intended.

A trusted and respected name

Royal Canin is wholeheartedly embraced by Pet Circle customers, with an overwhelmingly positive reception from pet parents who have used Royal Canin as advised by breeders. The consistency of Royal Canin's ingredients is what people can rely on – other all-natural foods may need to substitute ingredients according to seasonal availability, whereas Royal Canin can provide the same composition for your dog's food every time, meaning less hiccups and stomach problems. Not only this, but we offer this premium dog food for the best price around at Pet Circle (if we do say so ourselves!).

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