Cat Health & Wellbeing Products

Cat Health & Wellbeing Products


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When it comes to your cat's good health, we look at more than their diet - we think about other aspects of their life as well. Whether you have a senior cat requiring additional joint health, wish to boost your cat's health with some vitamins or supplements, or need to support a cat with a little anxiety, we have a huge range of cat health care products here online at Pet Circle.

Cat arthritis supplements - for better joint health

One of our most common queries is, what can I do to help my cat with arthritis? While it may seem worrying, thankfully there are plenty of options available to your feline friend that will help keep them comfortable. After considering a joint-supporting food, look for joint care supplements that ease inflammation and pain. Our in-house veterinarians particularly recommend Natural Animal Solutions omega oil - it’s rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 oils and is easy to dose, as it can simply be added to your cat's meals.

Get those teeth pearly white!

In comparison to dog dental care, cat dental care can be a little trickier to master! Cats don't tend to chew bones or toys like dogs do, which means they wear down the tartar on their teeth at a slower rate. There are several cat dental diets available to help with this, but you can also consider dental-friendly treats such as Greenies, along with cat toothpaste like the one made by Prozym.

If your cat is suffering from breath that smells like a fisherman's wharf on a hot summer's day, try Tropiclean's Fresh Breath Water Additive for cats: it uses natural ingredients including green tea to freshen up your kitty's smelly breath.

Our in-house vets have put together a handy guide to dental care for cats if you wish to learn more.

Looking for a healthy coat and skin?

Just as humans appreciate having good skin and hair, your cat will also love having a sleek coat and healthy skin. Natural Animal Solutions make plenty of products for cats with irritated skin, while Vetalogica make tasty medicated chews that assist in treating dry, flaky skin. Blackmores - the same name we trust with our own health - also make chews that simultaneously support your cat's coat, skin and nails.

Managing stress in cats: it's not impossible

Signs of an anxious or stressed cat can include everything from overgrooming to the simple act of hiding in fear - and it can be worrying for you as a pet parent, too. Aside from vet-prescribed medication, you can approach treatment of your cat's stress in gentler ways, including the pheromone-diffusing Feliway. Feliway mimics the pheromone left behind by cats when they mark their environment by rubbing against it, stimulating calm within the area around them.

Natural stress-relief for your cat can also come in the form of supplementary chews and the clever Thundershirt, which sort of acts like a calming hug for your kitty!

Buy cat health and wellbeing products online at Pet Circle and enjoy the convenience of delivery straight to your door, always at the best price.