KONG Cat Toys and Scratchers

KONG Cat Toys and Scratchers


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KONG cat toys: beyond the ball of string

Cats are funny creatures, sleeping up to sixteen hours a day. Sixteen! But, why? Why do cats sleep so long?

Because, out in the wild, they'd be hunting when awake - and they need to sleep in order to conserve a lot of energy for the big hunt! Of course, we don't want our cats to be out hunting our beautiful local wildlife, so a cat toy or three is the next best thing. Also great for helping work out indoor cats (who may already be a bit on the inactive side), we stock a huge range of KONG cat toys; from the makers of the most popular dog toys around!

What are the best KONG toys for my cat?

Every cat has a different play style, and KONG toys can also help to break some bad habits. For cats that tend to eat too fast, there's the KONG Cat Wobbler: an interactive toy that will have your cat working for their food rather than inhaling it. Ever-popular cat teasers are also part of the KONG range - some even have lasers built into them for extra fun! Speaking of lasers, KONG has a cat laser of their own, which handy-dandy fits on your keyring.

KONG cat scratchers: for when your cat feels the itch

Cat scratchers are a must-have for cat owners: they help your cat to flex and strengthen their muscles, to shed the outer layers of their claws, and satisfy the basic instinct to scratch and mark territory. KONG's range of cat scratchers are made using corrugated cardboard: a material that cats love to scratch, and can be recycled when your cat has used it for long enough. As an added bonus, they also include some catnip to encourage play in your cat.

Got a cat that prefers soft toys? KONG has plenty of those, such as the popular Wubba Hugga, the Kickeroo and cute little mice that can be filled with catnip.

Our top picks…

Wondering what our recommended KONG cat toys are?

  • Cat Wobbler: A great toy that doubles as a way to slow down fast-eating cats
  • Wubba: A soft toy for kicking and chasing, filled with premium catnip
  • Laser Teaser: A cat teaser with a built-in laser!
  • Naturals Incline Scratcher: A great natural cat scratcher with a fun crinkly pom-pom inside

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