KONG Tough & Durable Dog and Cat Toys | Buy Online

KONG Tough & Durable Dog and Cat Toys | Buy Online


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KONG: the most durable toys for cats and dogs

KONG is a name synonymous with heavy duty, durable and long-lasting toys and dogs and cats alike. Originally designed in the 1970s by a Mr Joe Markham for his rock-chewing (yes, you read that correctly) dog Fritz, the original KONG was inspired by a durable rubber piece of Volkswagen bus suspension, and aimed to provide dogs all over the world with a toy that met their instinctual needs as well as to play. These days, you'll find the KONG Classic to be one of the best dog toys on the market - an example of the mighty triumph of this brand! Now headquartered in Colorado, USA KONG is the name in pet toys.

If they're so tough, are KONG toys guaranteed not to break?

No toy is indestructible, and all should be used under pet-parent supervision. However, KONG certainly provides some of the toughest toys around - for a monster chewer of a dog, try the KONG Extreme range, all of which are made from an even tougher rubber. And, speaking of manufacturing, all but three KONG toys are made in America, with the exception of a few plush lines. This means KONG toys are very safe - they're also dishwasher or machine washable for convenience.

KONG toys for every cat and dog

While KONG toys are generally associated with dogs, you'll also find plenty of KONG toys for cats (including cat scratchers, wobblers and cat KONG lasers), plus toys made from a gentler rubber especially for puppies during their playful teething stages.

What is the best KONG toy?

Wondering what our recommended KONG toys are?

  • KONG Classic: The original and the best, this rubber toy is hollow on the inside and can be filled with treats for a puzzle-like playtime
  • KONG Wild Knot Bear: A stuffing-less bear toy with rope insides for dogs that like to chew, but prefer soft toys
  • KONG Cat Laser: The most popular KONG toy for cats - great for chasing and burning off some energy!
  • KONG Puppy Toy: The KONGA Classic but miniaturised for puppies, with a fillable inner core and softer rubber for teething puppies
  • KONG Cat Wobbler: A puzzle toy for cats that encourages them to work for their food and treats

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