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Arthritis in dogs

Change comes with age for everybody - including our beloved pets. So it's no surprise to hear that, according to some veterinary clinics, up to 65% of dogs over the age of seven exhibit signs of arthritis: a degenerative, progressive, and irreversible condition of the joints that can cause noticeable behavioural changes in your dog, whether it be a change in the way they walk, an unwillingness to go up and down stairs or hop into their favourite chair, or taking their time in rising from their bed. So, if you're asking the question does my dog have arthritis, if they show any signs of pain or lameness when moving about, the chance is highly likely.

It's not all doom and gloom!

Pet medicine has come a long way over the years, so your options for helping out a dog with arthritis are excellent! Although your local vet won't be able to cure your dog of their arthritis, they can certainly prescribe medication such as non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or disease modifying arthritis drugs (Pentosan polysulfate - or Cartrophen). These can be used alongside a wide range of food additives, supporting chews, glucosamine tablets, oil blends and more. As arthritis concerns itself with painful cartilage inflammation less cushioning between bones, many health care prodicts aim to either restore cartilage health, increase cushioning via joint fluid production, or reduce inflammation inside the joints.

Looking for other ways to care for your dog's arthritis, aside from health products and drugs? Also consider your dog's weight: overweight dogs are far more likely to suffer from arthritis due to the stress that extra weight adds to your dog's joints. Extra exercise as well as weight control and low-fat dog foods are two great ways to further help your dog in the weight department. There are also plenty of joint care and mobility diets out there to help with lessening the effects of arthritis. Furthermore a cushioned or raised, supportive bed will do wonders for dogs with aching joints!

What are the best dog arthritis supplements?

Here are our picks...

  • 4cyte Canine Joint Support Supplement: One of the best joint supplements out there, our in-house vets recommend 4cyte Canine due to its unique and effective ingredients, including Epiitalis (a unique plant oil extract) and marine concentrates including green lipped mussel, shark cartilage and abalone. It's an oral supplement in the form of palatable granules.
  • Sasha's Blend: This hugely popular powder supplement can be sprinkled over your dog's food and contains active ingredients that have been proven to slow the process of cartilage breakdown in the joint, as well as reducing pain and inflammation. This fantastic blend reduces pain and inflammation, protects joint cartilage from degradation, and increases joint mobility.
  • Paw by Blackmores Osteocare Chews: Made by the same trusted company that manufactures supplements and vitamins for humans, Paw chews are developed by vets for long-term use and results.

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