Cat Toys


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Toys for Cats

Cats are playful creatures and benefit greatly from having toys to amuse themselves. Determining which cat toy is best for your cat depends on your cat's personality. Some cats prefer to play with balls, others are intrigued by feather toys, and some enjoy laser pointer toys. Teaser toys consist of a long piece of fabric connected to a stick, so that you can interact and bond with your kitty.

A wide range of toys and scratchers

Shop cat toys at Pet Circle, where a wide range of fun and interactive cat toys are available. With toys from popular brands such as Kong, Catit, Fat Cat, Frolicat, Fuzzyard, Gigwi, Go Cat Go, Hartz, Jackson Galaxy, and Petsafe, you will definitely find a toy that suits you. Scratchers are also very beneficial for cats, as they are able to fulfill their instinct to scratch their claws on a satisfying corrugated surface, shedding the outer nail and grooming the claw underneath. Toys available include teasers, wand toys, soft toys such as mice, crinkle fish, catnip toys, treat-releasing wobblers, laser pointers, window suction teasers, electronic interactive toys, balls, toy snakes, circuit ball racers, and peek-a-boo toy boxes.