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Buy Small Pet Cages & Accessories Online


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Small Pet Cages and Accessories

So, you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and bring a new rabbit, ferret or guinea pig into your family. Apart from being essential, a rabbit hutch or guinea pig cage can also be a lot of fun to accessorise, making your new critter’s home as comfortable as possible!

Rabbit, Guinea Pig and Small Pet Cages and Hutches

When purchasing a hutch or cage for your rabbit, mouse, guinea pig or rat, it’s important to take into consideration the number of animals and how big they’re going to grow…for example, a rabbit might start out as a small ball of fluff, but as it grows larger it will still need enough room to complete three to four full hops of its hutch. Rabbits do like to explore outside of their cage however, so consider a larger outdoor pen or even allowing them to snuggle on the couch with you!

Guinea pigs need large cages to dig and run, with a solid base that will not hurt their little feet. Rats can also happily inhabit a guinea pig cage, but make sure that your rat cage is enclosed, as rodents are avid climbers and escape artists! Mice need a well-ventilated, preferably wire enclosure, while a ferret cage should have multiple levels and, like all small animals, a hideaway to sleep and nest.


While trips to the vet can be less than fun for everyone involved, a small pet carrier is essential for making sure that your rabbit, guinea pig or ferret is secure in between home and the vet’s office. Pet transport can be made easy with Living World small and large pet carriers – a great, durable choice that can be combined with a collar or lead to make your pet’s journey even more stress-free.

Corner Toilets

Did you know that you can toilet-train rabbits and rats? It’s true! Corner toilets are a great addition to any rabbit hutch or rat cage, as they can keep mess all in one corner of their home – meaning that food and water is less likely to be contaminated, and you will be able to clean up with ease.