Felix Cat Food - Buy Online

Felix Cat Food - Buy Online


Felix Cat Food - Buy Online products have an average rating of 4.7 / 5.0 from 42 reviews

Felix cat food - as good as it looks!

There's another cheeky cat on the block...and it's another Felix! This popular cat food provides delicious meals that look and smell so meaty, your cat won't want to wait for their food bowl to hit the floor. Better still, Felix fulfils 100% of your cat's daily dietary requirements, so they'll have everything they need in every tasty morsel.

Felix multipacks: for buying in bulk (and saving!)

For cats who enjoy a variety of flavours, Felix's multipacks are perfect. Whether your cat prefers tasty seafood or chunks of chicken, beer and lamb, each pack has a range of flavours to mix things up at mealtimes. If your cat is also a lover of jelly, they'll be head over paws for Sensations Jellies!

Our top picks…

Wondering what our recommended Felix cat foods are?

  • Kitten Menus: Suitable for kittens, with a range of flavours in every box
  • Ocean Menus: Fishy inclusions for cats that love the taste of tuna, salmon and sardines
  • Poultry Twin Menus: Includes two flavours: chicken and turkey
  • Sensations Jellies: Delicious options of beef and tomato, chicken and spinach, and fish and prawn flavours, all combined with yummy jelly

At Pet Circle, we carry a wide range of Felix cat food - you can also enjoy the convenience of free delivery over $29 straight to your door, always at the best price with our price match guarantee. Please see individual products for a listing of ingredients as well as feeding guidelines, to make sure your cat is receiving the correct diet for their lifestyle.