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Buy Small Pet Food Online


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Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Ferret, and Rodent Food

At Pet Circle, we stock only high-quality rabbit food, guinea pig food, rat food and ferret food – because while they may be small, even little animals need a big serve of nutrition as a part of their diet.

Rabbit Food

For rabbits, one of the most important aspects of their diet is high-fibre hay – they should have access to as much as they’d like throughout the day. Rabbits have interesting digestive systems, so the fibre within hay – particularly lucerne, fescue and oat hays – helps them to break down food while also providing nutritional benefits. It also helps to trim their constantly growing teeth.

Your rabbit should also have access to fresh, leafy greens and vegetables on a regular basis, including spinach, lettuce and carrot. A portion of pellets should also be included in your rabbit’s diet to boost vitamin and mineral content, creating the perfect dietary balance…a rabbit food pyramid, if you will!

Guinea Pig Food

Like rabbits, a guinea pig diet should consist mostly of fibre-rich hays including fescue hay, oat hay and orchard grass – as much as they want! These natural grasses help to keep your guinea pig’s teeth trimmed and clean and, when combined with a cup of fresh fruit and vegetables a day, make up a nutritious diet that keeps your guinea pig’s digestive system working properly.

Guinea pigs also need food that contains Vitamin C – a great way to achieve this is not only with fruits and vegetables, but also with high-quality pellets from a brand such as Vetafarm. These also promote dental and digestive health, keeping your guinea pig happy and healthy!

Rat Food & Mouse Food

Rats are omnivorous – a fancy word that means they can eat a huge variety of fruits, vegetables and meats. In fact, if you’re asking the question “what do rats like to eat?”, the answer is…just about anything you put in front of them! Even so, rats should still maintain a healthy diet. This includes animal protein (around 18%), fruit, vegetables, grains, and nutrient-dense pellets that deliver essential vitamins and minerals. Fresh water, preferably in a container that cannot be cross-contaminated, is also very important to keep your rat feeling its best.

Your pet mouse diet is quite similar – in fact, more often than not they can eat the same pellets as rats in order to ensure they receive all of their daily vitamins and minerals. Apples, broccoli, berries, tomato, fresh corn and beans are a few examples of fruits and vegetables that mice can eat.

Ferret Food

Feeding ferrets is not like feeding cats and dogs: there are several specialty dietary requirements to consider and no simple canned food to reach for. Thankfully, Pet Circle stocks high-quality Living World ferret food that caters to ferrets’ carnivore diet, and can be mixed with other foods including raw meat to provide two to four meals per day. Your ferret’s diet also needs to be low in carbohydrates, and to serve their natural hunting instincts, you should provide them with a place to stash food as well as treat balls to promote play and reduce boredom.