Auto Delivery

For more time spent with your pet, Auto Delivery is the easiest way to get your favourite pet essentials delivered to your door at the best price. In fact, we take care of everything for you. Just set, and forget.

Set up Auto Delivery today and enjoy the following...

  • Never forget your pet's food, meds, litter (and much more) ever again
  • Your favourite brands delivered right to your door - no more carrying heavy bags
  • Exclusive special offers and automatically applied discounts. Keep an eye out for our Auto Customer price
  • The flexibility to change, delay or cancel your Auto Delivery at any time
  • Reminders to help you keep track of upcoming Auto Deliveries

Currently Auto Delivery is available on selected food, medications, litter, treats and training and clean up products.

PLUS our Auto Delivery customers always save an extra 5% on these selected top brands!

Already an Auto Delivery customer?

Awesome! To say thanks, we're giving you a little something extra: an additional 10% off the price of the following products this month:

How It Works

Setting up Auto Delivery is easy: once you've added your products to your cart, select "Auto Delivery", choose your shipping frequency and're done!

  • rating Add product to cart
  • rating Set how often you want it delivered at checkout. No coupons necessary
  • rating Update your schedule at any time

Do you have some more questions?

Check out our more detailed FAQ section below.

Q: How do I change or add to my current Auto Delivery order?

Log in to your Pet Circle account. Once there, select the My Auto Delivery tab - from here you can you can update the items included in your Auto Delivery orders, the frequency of delivery and shipping dates.

Once logged in to your account, you can also add new items to your Auto Delivery order while browsing the Pet Circle site. Simply add the item to your cart and select which delivery you would like to add it to.

Q: Am I locked into Auto Delivery?

Nope, not at all - in fact, you can choose to cancel at any time, at no cost.

Q: How do I cancel my Auto Delivery?

If you've decided that Auto Delivery is not for you, simply select the My Auto Delivery tab within your account, and remove the items from your Auto Delivery order.

Q: Can I skip or delay my order?

You can modify your order by logging into your account, selecting the My Auto Delivery tab, and making the changes from there.

You will also receive reminders for any upcoming deliveries. These reminders give you the option to have your order brought forward, delayed for a week, or skipped until your next delivery cycle.

Q: What happens if my products are out of stock?

No problem! If your selected products are not in stock at the time of Pet Circle shipping your order, we will replace them with the closest alternative. If we cannot do this, the unavailable item will be removed from your order and your account will be refunded.

Q: How often can I choose to have my order delivered using Auto Delivery?

We are quite flexible here at Pet Circle - our Auto Delivery option allows you to choose a delivery cycle frequency from weekly, all the way up to 26 weeks.

Q: I'm not sure how often to have an order delivered, or how long a bag of food will last my pet...can you help me?

We sure can! Every pet is different, so we want to make sure we give you the best advice possible. Contact our friendly Customer Service team and we'll help you out.

Q: Help! I need to change my Auto Delivery order immediately!

Call us on 1300 608 003 (8am - 8pm, Monday to Friday, or 9am - 6pm, Saturday and Sunday) and we'll help you out in any way we can.