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Superior nutrition begins with Royal Canin

Recommended by veterinarians worldwide, Royal Canin pet food focuses on the science of pet nutrition to provide superior diets for dogs and cats of all ages, breeds and lifestyles. Made in Europe, Royal Canin has some of the highest standards of pet food nutrition in the world with strict quality control, complete nutritional balance and complience with national standards of pet food, granting them a globally recognised AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) seal of approval. And pet parents love them, too!

Unique food for unique breeds

With roughly 192 breeds of dog and over 40 breeds of cat out there, it's understandable that one breed's needs will differ from differ from the next due to their genetic makeup. For example, the French bulldog diet contains optimal protein for lean muscle mass and less weight gain, plus a one-of-a-kind shape that is easier for short-nosed Frenchies to pick up and chew. Meanwhile, Royal Canin ragdoll food contains EPA, DHA and borage oil for skin and coat health plus nutrients to support cardiac health. In fact, Royal Canin offers over 93 unique diets backed by veterinary and scientific research and development. They were the first to recognise the nutritional requirements of large breed puppies, and soon followed up with diets to suit the needs of small, medium and large breeds of dogs. Today, they continue to lead the way in high-quality pet food with scientific merit.

A trusted and respected name

Royal Canin is wholeheartedly embraced by Pet Circle customers, with an overwhelmingly positive reception from pet parents who have used Royal Canin as advised by breeders. The consistency of Royal Canin's ingredients is what people can rely on – other foods may need to substitute ingredients according to seasonal availability, whereas Royal Canin can provide the same composition for your dog or cat's food every time, meaning less hiccups and stomach problems. Not only this, but we offer this premium dog food for the best price around (if we do say so ourselves!).

What is the best Royal Canin food?

Wondering what our recommended Royal Canin foods are?

  • Labrador Retriever Diet: Perfect for tricky Labradors and their tendency to over-eat and gain weight
  • Feline Indoor: Ideal for low-activity indoor cats, with the added benefit of highly digestible ingredients for reduced stool odour
  • Maxi Adult (Large Breed Adult): Great for a wide range of large dog breeds including German Shepherds, Rottweiler, Labradoodle and more
  • Kitten: A balanced diet that's the perfect starting point for kittens of all breeds
  • Maxi Junior (Large Breed Puppy): Perfectly balanced for the special needs of growing large breed dogs

Buy Royal Canin dog and cat food online at Pet Circle and enjoy the convenience of free delivery over $49 straight to your door, always at the best price with our price match guarantee. Please see individual products for a listing of ingredients as well as feeding guidelines, to make sure your dog is receiving their optimal diet.