Small Pet Treats


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Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Rat and Mouse Treats

Many people believe that animals simply eat to survive…which on one hand, is true. But on the other hand, your pocket pet can get bored with their diet from time to time, too! It’s worth mixing things up a bit with a tasty small pet treat to keep your pet rat, rabbit or guinea pig interested in their food, with the added benefits of keeping their teeth healthy.


Nibblers are a great dental fix for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and other rodents, satisfying their need to gnaw while providing something tasty and new in their diet. Make sure that the nibblers you choose are made from trusted ingredients – Fauna natural pet treat nibblers are made with loofah, sea grass, corn husks and natural vegetable dyes that are safe to be ingested by your pets.

Salt Licks

Like nibblers, salt licks can contribute to your pet’s health by providing them with something to gnaw on, as well as essential calcium for bone and teeth health. Salt licks are great for rabbits, guinea pigs and rats.