Pro Plan Cat Food

Pro Plan Cat Food


Pro Plan Cat Food products have an average rating of 4.7 / 5.0 from 36 reviews

Pro Plan Cat Food

Pro Plan make premium food for your cat based on over 85 years of research and development. Each ingredient added to Pro Plan’s recipes are specifically chosen to deliver optimal nutrition and specific benefits.

Pro Plan Dry Cat Food

As kidney disease is very common in cats as they age, Pro Plan’s core range of dry foods for cats contain OPTIRENAL, a unique blend of nutrients that help to protect kidney health and function. With formulas designed for indoor, sensitive, senior cats and more there’s sure to be a Pro Plan dry food to suit your cat’s individual needs.

Pro Plan Wet Cat Food

Feeding your cat wet food can help to increase their water intake for better urinary tract health. Pro Plan’s range of wet food formulas contain nutrient rich ingredients to offer your cat complete and balanced premium nutrition in a variety of delicious canned recipes.