Hill's Prescription Diet Dog & Cat Food

Hill's Prescription Diet Dog & Cat Food


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Hill's Prescription Diet Dog Food & Cat Food

Superior nutrition for the life of your pet!

It's all in a day's work for Hill's. Recommended by veterinarians worldwide, Hill's Science Diet all began in 1928 with one of America's first guide dogs Buddy, who suffered from kidney health issues. In response, Dr. Mark L. Morris Sr. produced a diet to promote Buddy's wellbeing and kidney health - and became a visionary in clinical nutrition in the process.

Clinical diets for clinical needs

These days, Hill's continue their work in the field of scientifically formulated pet foods, helping to alleviate complex issues in dogs and cats including gastrointestinal upsets, sensitive or allergenic stomachs, urinary and renal complications, and diets intended for dogs recovering from injury. Often these diets are only available from veterinary clinics, but due to our support team that includes four vets and numerous vet nurses, we are able to offer you these prescription diets online.

These prescription diets can work to improve the livelihood of your pet alongside the appropriate guidance of your vet. Within Hill's expansive range, you'll find food for cats and dogs with pancreatitis, arthritis, diarrhea, kidney disease and more.