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Buy Bird Cages & Accessories Online


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Bird Cages and Accessories

How to choose a cage for your pet bird – whether it’s a cockatiel, finch or budgie? It’s not an easy task! You’ll need to consider the size of your bird, the number of birds you have, and how much room they need to spread their wings. Finch cages or finch habitats for example need to be quite long, as finches need room to fly horizontally rather than vertically. A playtop cage is also perfect for birds that tend to spend quite a bit of time outside of their cage flying and playing.

Lots of birds also require different accessories, such as bird perches that can be chewed. This is important for keeping their nails and beaks trim and (in the case of budgies and other species) their destructive needs met. For pet bird supplies online, check out our range here at Pet Circle.