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Buy Cat Grooming Online


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Did you know that cats spend anywhere from 15% - 50% of their day grooming? But you can still help them look their absolute best, with our cat grooming tools and products.

Hair, hair everywhere?

While cats generally do take very good care of their hygiene, there are some aspects of their beauty regime you may have to give them a hand (or paw) with. Long- and even medium-coated cats will appreciate a regular grooming session to stop tangles and hairballs - one of the best products for working with this is the Furminator, a specially designed brush that assists in remove your cat's dead undercoat. The Furminator also helps to reduce cat hair shedding by up to 90% with continuous it's well worth your money!

Specialty cat shampoo and conditioner

You're probably wondering, why do I need to bathe my cat at all? Consider curious cats that like to investigate things up close and personal, or perhaps you've noticed that your senior cat has been spending less time cleaning themselves. When it's eventually time for a bath, it's best that you have the right shampoo on hand for your cat. Cats with sensitive skin will benefit from a medicated or sensitive skin shampoo, and we even stock shampoo for cats with white coats or dark or black coats.

If your cat will freak out around water, opt for a waterless shampoo to keep them calm but still totally clean.

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