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Kazoo Grooming Glove

Kazoo Grooming Glove

The Kazoo grooming glove will help to massage and remove loose hair during grooming and improve the bonding experience with your dog.

Manufactured from High Quality Rubber and mesh style fabric. This unique soft grooming glove is an all purpose grooming and washing aid.

General Grooming
The Kazoo grooming glove is ideal during general grooming for the removal of loose and shedding hair. Gently stroke your dogs coat and the unique rubber nodes will help to dislodge debris and trap loose hair. Loose hair and debris can be easily wiped off the grooming glove with your free hand.

Bathtime Grooming
Before bathtime, use the Kazoo grooming glove to remove shedding hair from the coat. Use the grooming glove to help lather in shampoo and conditioner. Also ideal to help prevent unhealthy deposits on your hands when washing around sensitive areas.
Having thoroughly massaged in the shampoo, rinse your dog with clean warm water until all the shampoo is removed. After rinsing, condition and comb out any knots and tangles. Finally dry with a clean towel or blow dryer.
Its also good to have a few treats handy and reassure your dog during wash and grooming time.
Grooming can be a special time with your dog - enjoy it!

Always be careful when washing around your dogs eyes and face.

Dimension: 242L x 175W x 24D mm

Kazoo Grooming Glove

  • Type:Gloves
  • Variety:Brushes and Combs
  • Pet:Dog

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