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With the best price on horse feed, treats and diet supplements, Pet Circle is the perfect place to shop online for your equine friend. Whether you have a hobby horse, backyard farm, or a race horse, Pet Circle has your needs covered. Our one-stop horse shop has everything you need, with free delivery (that's right, free freight!) to most areas for orders over $49. Check your postcode to see if you qualify for our free shipping!

A range of horse feed, treats and diet supplements

Pet Circle stocks a range of popular pony and horse feed and treats brands. With horse food and treats products from Barastoc, Hygain, Equine Pure, Ker, Kelato, Mitavite Nature's Best, and NRG and options in the form of pellets, treats, and more, there's sure to be something to suit your fancy.

What do horses eat?

Grass and/or hay should make up the bulk of your horse's diet, with some occasional fruit, vegetables and treats. However, not every species of pasture will be sufficient. Therefore, it is usually recommended to include an additional hard feed and forage, to maintain your horse's body weight and ensure a complete and balanced diet. Treats are a great idea to help add some variety to your horse's diet, and also as a means of rewarding good behaviour. Finally, you might like to consider adding a health-boosting dietary supplement into the mix. Dietary supplements may be beneficial for your horse depending on their age, breed, performance level, geographic location, and health status. For more information, consult our friendly vet team.