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Dog Doors, Travel Accessories & More


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Travelling Australia with a dog? Let us help.

Travelling with dogs - making the experience easy for all

Hitting the road with your family's dog for the holidays can be both exciting and a little nerve-wracking…thankfully, we can help everybody have a great time with our range of dog travel accessories for the car.

These include hammock seat covers, tagalong booster seats, seat belt attachments for dogs, and pet safety seats. Fabric chair covers are also available, which cover the surface of your backseat to protect from fur, and keep your pet enclosed within a hammock-style nook at the same time. If you ride with your dog in the back of your car, a waterproof cargo liner can be used to protect the back of your car from dog hair. You can also keep your dog safe with a dog seatbelt clip-on, which attaches to your dog's harness and keeps them confined. A wide range of carriers are also available to keep your dog confined and safe.

Dog door installation made easy

There are many types of dog doors available to suit your house with pet doors made from aluminium, security screen, and plastic available. Electronic and magnetic doggy doors are also available, which can be programmed to respond to your pet's microchip or a special collar and locked at your discretion. For a non-permanent dog flap solution, pet door inserts can act as dog doors for sliding glass doors, which are lockable and provide pet entry without having to cut into any structures.

Whether you are looking to install a doggy door, purchase a pet carrier, decorate your house with dog-themed items, or looking to keep your car seats fur-free and your pets safe when travelling, Pet Circle has everything you need.

Buy dog doors and more online at Pet Circle and enjoy the convenience of delivery straight to your door, always at the best price.