Dog Training & Clean Up


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Why buy training and cleanup products from Pet Circle?

Shop an extensive range of training and cleaning products for your puppy or dog. Pet Circle understands that keeping a pet is a lot of work! From cleaning up waste to training your pooch, we sell a wide array of training aids which help with toilet training, bark control, odour elimination, and general obedience such as crate training.

What do I buy for toilet training my puppy?

For toilet training your puppy try puppy training pads or a pee post. Puppies often utilise pee pads, also known as training mats or puppy pads, in their first stage of life as they get used to toilet training. Wee mats are a good puppy training product designed to give your puppy somewhere appropriate to toilet when they can’t quite make it outside.

Which toilet product is good for my pet?

We sell a range of training mats and turf tray pet toilets which imitate grass and give your young or older pooch a comfortable place to toilet. Don’t forget to buy replacement pee pods for your pet loo or dog outhouse, and always remember that when training a puppy, an odour neutralising spray can go a long way!

Products for training your pet

Behaviour training is also a very important part of raising a puppy, and can require a lot of time, energy, and commitment. Whether you are looking at crate training, using a clicker or whistle for obedience, control barking with an ultrasonic or citronella barking collar, or looking for a gentle halty or harness to help with walking, Pet Circle has a product for you!

Cleaning up after your pet

Pet Circle understands that pets can be messy, which is why we provide a wide range of products for cleaning up after your pet, such as doggy bags, doggy bag dispensers, scoopers, lint rollers to remove dog or cat hair, and a large range of pet sprays to remove or neutralise odours and stains.

Pet Circle stocks a large range of natural cleaning products which are non-toxic and safe for children and animals.