Dog Bowls for Food and Water

Dog Bowls for Food and Water


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When it comes to choosing a bowl for your dog's food or water, you'd be surprised at the variety available. Whether you're after a bowl that simply looks good or a bowl that can slow down quick eaters, you'll find a huge selection of dog bowls online at Pet Circle.

Dog bowls for common annoyances

If you have a dog that suffers from an enlarged oesophagus or spinal problems, a raised dog bowl will assist them during meal times. If you're after a dog bowl for dogs with long ears, Dogit make elevated dishes that keep your dog's ears clean and clear of their food. Lastly, we stock a number of dog bowls for fast eaters - these slow feed bowls are designed with interior contours that your dog must eat around, stopping them from gulping down their meal and avoiding bloat or a twisted stomach.

Dog water bowls and fountains

While you can never go wrong with a water bowl, water fountains are a marvellous addition to any home in Australia due to our hot summers and high risk of heatstroke and dehydration in pets. Water Fountains encourage dogs to drink, as they are instinctively drawn to moving water as it is less likely to be stagnant (ever wondered why dogs like to drink from the shower or the tap?). Many water fountains come with a filter which means that not only is your pet encouraged to drink more water, but they have access to water that is even more pure and fresh than water from the tap!

Water fountains typically hold a lot of water and recycle the one sample through their filter to keep it fresh, however some can be attached to a water hose and deliver fresh water through a fresh stream this way.

A bowl for every dog

Whether you prefer a dog bowl that's ceramic, non-slip, plastic, metal, silicon, stainless steel, or collapsible for travel, we have the food bowl for you. Buy your dog bowls and more online at Pet Circle and enjoy the convenience of delivery straight to your door, always at the best price.