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Advance your dog's health

If you could see your dog’s health as a human equivalent, what would they look like? Would they be a young teenager full of energy, or would they be an elderly person with stiff joints? If you could see this, would it change the way you feed your dog?

Advance dog food is a super-premium diet scientifically formulated by Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition - a principal authority in pet nutrition science - to produce top-of-the-range nutrition for dogs. Supported by 45 years of strict testing and Australian manufacturing, Advance is a trusted name in pet food and is also recommended by breeders around the country, with Breeder Bags being available that represent excellent value for such high-quality food.

The right diet for the right dog

Advance caters to dogs of all life stages by formulating food based on very specific nutritional factors associated with your dog's age. For example, a growing puppy with a high metabolic rate will require a diet with higher content of calcium, phosphorus, protein and energy. Likewise for old dogs, a diet with fewer calories and higher content of joint-supporting nutrients are required. Ingredient-wise, Advance takes many health concerns into account, including limited sources of protein such as turkey and rice in a highly digestible form for dietary sensitivity, green-lipped mussels for joint health, and cardiac-protective nutrients including Taurine, Arginine and Vitamin E for heart health.

Better still, Advance dog food is available in bulk - anywhere from 15kg, to 40kg as part of our multi-buy offer! And because Pet Circle delivers, you won't have to haul your dog's favourite food all over the place: we'll bring it to you.

What is the best Advance dog food?

Wondering what our recommended Advance foods are?

Buy Advance dog food online at Pet Circle and enjoy the convenience of free delivery over $49 straight to your door, always at the best price with our price match guarantee. Please see individual products for a listing of ingredients as well as feeding guidelines, to make sure your dog is receiving their optimal diet.