Advance Dog Food

Advance Dog Food


Advance Dog Food products have an average rating of 4.9 / 5.0 from 790 reviews

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Advance your dog's health!

Advance dog food is a super-premium diet scientifically formulated by Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition - a principal authority in pet nutrition science - to produce top-of-the-range nutrition for dogs. But that's not the only reason why so many customers love Advance - it's also because they can cater to your dog's size, breed, activity levels and more from puppyhood right through to their senior years. And, of course, Advance dog food is made right here in Australia.

The right diet for the right dog

Advance caters to dogs of all life stages by formulating food based on very specific nutritional factors associated with your dog's age. For example, a growing puppy with a high metabolic rate will require a diet with higher content of calcium, phosphorus, protein and energy. Likewise for old dogs, a diet with fewer calories and higher content of joint-supporting nutrients are required. Advance also goes one step further and formulates their food for Australian dogs, focusing on the way our climate can affect a dog's skin, coat, joint care and immunity, with a diet to assist for each.

Approaching your dog's specific conditions

Advance has designed complete, balanced diets which help manage issues like dental disease, skin issues such as allergic dermatitis, and obesity. Appropriate dog food feeding guides as well as ingredients are available within individual product descriptions, so that you can always find the best Advance diet for your dog.