Small Pet Grooming


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Rabbit, Guinea Pig and Small Pet Grooming

Get your pocket pets squeaky clean with a little help from Pet Circle. Grooming is an important part of pet care – even for small animals. Long-haired rabbits for example require brushing to reduce hairballs, which can get trapped in their tummies and make them very ill (unlike cats, rabbits cannot cough up hairballs!). Other small pets need little in the way of grooming – rats for example will keep themselves very clean, despite what many people believe! From small pet brushes and other pet grooming tools to small pet shampoos, Pet Circle is here to look after your precious little pet.


Get rid of loose hair, knots and tangles and bring out natural oils with the right pet brush – an important part of small pet care. Brushes will help with rabbit care and guinea pig care and how often you need to brush them will depend on the breed. Angora rabbits and Peruvian guinea pigs for example will need special attention when it comes to brushing.


For combing out shedding pet hair, look no further than the Furminator – a popular tool for removing shed hair from dogs, cats and even rabbits, ferrets and other small animals. A fine comb may be needed for small pets with longer hair, particularly long-haired guinea pigs.


Nope, small pets don’t use Pantene…but there are definitely special pet shampoos out there! Pet Circle stocks small pet shampoo that is both effective and natural, providing a soothing bath time for guinea pigs, ferrets, and other small critters. These small pets all have delicate skin, so they will certainly benefit from a gentle shampoo such as Rufus & Coco 2-in-1 Squeaky Clean. You will find that rabbits and rats tend to keep themselves very clean – however you might need to bath them if they have hopped in the mud during their adventures, or have been sick. As a full bath might be stressful for them, we recommend not bathing their whole bodies but only their bottom and paws if needed.