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Dog Wet Food

Including wet food in your dog's diet can help to increase their water intake to support urinary tract health, as well as providing a little variety. Whether you choose to mix with dry food, or just feed it on its own, we're sure to have a wet food formula to suit your pooch's discerning palate.

Scientific Formulas

Premium brands like Royal Canin, Hill's Science Diet, Proplan and Advance make precisely balanced, scientifically formulated canned recipes specifically designed to meet the unique nutritional requirements of your dog's lifestage as well as catering for special health needs like weight control and sensitive digestion. For dogs with more specific dietary requirements, there's also canned prescription veterinary diet formulas available from Hill's Prescription Diet and Royal Canin Veterinary Diet that can be used if recommended by your veterinarian.

Natural and Grain Free

If you prefer to feed your dog a natural or grain free diet, we've got plenty of high quality, nutritious and delicious brands of wet food to choose from including Canidae, Ziwipeak, Black Hawk and Holistic Select.