Natural Treats for Dogs


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Natural Dog Treats

Spoil them the right way!

When it comes to our own diets, us humans are told to snack healthily; a piece of fruit here or a small handful of nuts there, for example. We shouldn't always be chowing down on chocolates and chips...and the same can be said for our pets! Rewarding your dog with natural treats is the same as us choosing fruit over a chocolate bar, and it has the same health benefits.

From pigs' ears to kangaroo jerky...

Not to mention everything in between! Aside from a huge range for your pooch to enjoy, you'll also find that natural treats have very limited ingredients: usually they are made from dried meat, or limited ingredients with no hidden nasties. For example, Nature's Cuts treats contain no more than two ingredients...usually only one, in fact!

And they still taste great

Natural doesn't mean boring - in fact, our wide range natural dog treats are packed with flavour. Just check out Ivory Coat's Peanut Butter Treats, Pure Treat Co's Wild Game and Apple Treats or Sunday Pets New Zealand Lamb and Manuka Honey freeze-dried treats.

Something more...

Natural treats that can also assist your dog for various ailments? Genius! Vetalogica not only makes tasty everyday treats, but also specialty treats that can help alleviate common problems such as itchy skin, joint pain, anxiety and more. They also make them for cats.

But like all treats, don't forget...always feed in moderation! Buy natural dog treats online at Pet Circle and enjoy the convenience of delivery straight to your door, always at the best price.