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Kong Cat Zoom Groom

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5 star rating 5 Based on 9 reviewers recommend this product

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  • Reviewed

    Brilliant brush, especially if your cat loves it. One of my cats loves it, the other one hates it and hisses at it. Seems to work especially well on short hair cats, but be prepared for a mountain of loose fur on the first brushing.

  • Reviewed

    i was hesitant to purchase but i read other reviews and thought i would try for my cats. WOW~!! my older short hair cat Lulu loves it! she is usually the sensitive one to react or get mad. but no she let me comb her. i started very gently with her so she get used to it. then i read a review that said: use best for gentle circular motions and that seems the most effective for collecting most hair. she loves the massage too. my young long haired,she not so much. she is ok. i use it on her for briefly so she gets used to it. so i can maintain her hair. i was surprised how effective this comb was. and as with all cat treatments i give my girls a cat treat as a reward at the end, for good behaviour!

  • Reviewed

    My short haired cat absolutely loves it and she’s very fussy. She actually purrs her head off when you start brushing her and let me brush her stomach with it! It’s actually entertaining to see the behavioural change! I definitely recommend this product.

  • Reviewed

    Easy to use. Friendly on cat fur. Easy to wash. Excellent.

  • Reviewed

    15 year old long haired lady so enjoyed her brush with this, that she rolled over to have her tummy brushed as well.

  • Reviewed

    Great grooming tool for my shedding feline - he adores the massage as well! Much less fur clogging up my vac :)

  • Reviewed

    Really great for removing loose hair when malting (grooming rag doll cat) but does not remove knots. Cat really likes being groomed with it which is always a plus!

  • Reviewed

    My two cats were used to a wire brush and it did take a little while for them to get used to a different type. However now they both love the massage and they want me to brush them several times a day. They both come to the word "brush"! As I am using the one brush for both cats, I love that it is so easy to clean and no fur gets caught up in the rubber bristles.

  • Reviewed

    Great way of removing loose hair to reduce the frequency of hairballs, especially when cats are molting. One of my two cats absolutely LOVES being groomed with this too so it forms a nice part of her daily routine. Better for gripping slightly thicker fur but works well on both of my cats. Best brush I've owned without doubt.