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Kong Cat Zoom Groom

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  • Reviewed

    I was really impressed with how easy this was to use on my cats. It is far better and easier than trying to use a hard brush. My cats really enjoy being brushed and it really easily removes loose fur.

  • Reviewed

    So impressed! I have a medium haired cat who was pretty "meh" about brushes in the past, and they never seemed to get rid of much hair. I bought this on a whim and I was absolutely blown away. The fur sticks to the bristles and it's so easy to clean, the fur creates a kind of mat that you just pull off in one movement. In only a couple of minutes I was able to get rid of so much of his loose hair and my boy LOVES it - he'll smoosh his head against the brush and even flop on the floor so I can brush the tummy aka the danger zone. Can't recommend it enough!

  • Reviewed

    Best Brush ever! I have been trying different brush and none of them last long. This work really well on my short hair cat. He didn't like it at the 1st place but now is enjoying his brush time. Very effective on removing hair.

  • Reviewed

    Both my cats are short haired cats. One of them surprisingly loves it ! The other one has always moved around when being brushed but he doesn’t mind it at all. I found when brushing them, there is loose furs that fly around but that may be because I haven’t brushed them in a very long time. (99% of the fur is caught by the brush though) Also when there is fur on the bed, I use the brush to push it into a patch then remove it. It works perfectly clumping it all together. ! :) Overall, very happy with this product and will continue to use it most days.

  • Reviewed

    I highly recommend! It helps remove a great amount of shed fur, and massages them very well! They didn't seem to know what to think about it at first... but after a few sittings they really loved it!