Cat Bowls, Feeders & Fountains

Cat Bowls, Feeders & Fountains


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Looking for cat feeding bowls, water bowls or even automatic cat food feeders to go with your cat's favourite meal? You've come to the right place!

Cat bowls to suit finnicky felines

A bowl is a simple vessel to hold your cat's food or water right? Well - yes, you're right, but there can be so much more to your cat's food bowl. Rogz make whisker-friendly bowls that are sloped and low for comfort during meal-times, as well as colourful to appease cat parents. Or maybe you're going away for a few days and need to leave kitty at home? If so, try an automated feeder, which can dispense meals automatically when you're not around the house.

My cat won't drink water from their bowl - what gives?

If your cat won't drink water from their bowl, there could be a few reasons why. Firstly, a deep bowl that causes your cat's sensitive whiskers to brush against the inside can be off-putting, so select a lower dish instead. Other cats won't drink water from a bowl because it is stagnant - something that, out in the wild, suggests waterborne illnesses. To remedy this, try a cat water fountain, which continuously cycles and even filters your cat's water to keep it clean and fresh.

If your cat is not getting enough water (or is drinking in excess), it can negatively impact on their kidney and bladder health. Be sure to speak with your vet if you are ever worried about your cat's water intake, and check out our guide to helping your cat get the right amount of water every day.

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