Horse Wormers & Insect Repellents

Horse Wormers & Insect Repellents


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Looking to save on costs when purchasing your horse wormers and insect repellents? Buy all your horse wormers and parasite prevention online with Pet Circle, and save big! With all the best veterinary products, Pet Circle is the best place to find cheap horse wormers and insect products online. Our vast horse shop has everything you could ever need for your horse, with free shipping (yes, free freight!) to many parts of Australia for orders over $49. Check your postcode to see if you qualify for our free delivery!

A wide range of horse wormers and insect repellents

Whether you are looking for a worming paste, wormer pellets, scour treatment, pour on fly repellent, insecticide, fly spray, or wormer gel, Pet Circle's range is very extensive and we are sure to have the product you're after. We stock products from all the top quality and most trusted brands, including IAH, Equimax, Kelato, Ammo, Value Plus, and Shield, we are sure to have the exactly what you're after.

How often should you worm your horse?

Worming your horse with a good quality, broad-spectrum horse wormer is very important, as it protects your horse against pinworms, large strongyles, small strongyles, roundworms, tapeworms, and sometimes bot fly larvae. To avoid worm resistance in horses, it is typically recommended to implement rotational worming - which involves rotating between two classes of worming drugs on a regular basis. While it is best to talk to your local vet about how often you should worm your horses, as a general rule, most adult horses need to be wormed once or twice a year, and pregnant mares should be wormed just before foaling. Foals should ideally be wormed every 6 weeks, from 6 weeks of age until they are 6 months old.

See our complete Horse Worming Guide, written by our in-house veterinarian, for more information.

What is the best horse wormer?

We recommend checking with a vet in your area as to which horse wormer (or wormers) are suitable for your region, and the same goes for fly sprays and repellents. Pet Circle understands that different areas require different treatments, and so stocks as wide a range as possible, including Shield Pour-ons, IAH, Kelato, Equimax, scour worming paste, bot wormer paste, tape wormers for horses, Ammo allwormer paste, and Equimec wormer paste.