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Dog Clothes & Costumes


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Dog clothes, costumes and clothing - we've got it all

Dog clothing for putting their best paw forward

Whether you're after a snazzy dog jacket for the winter, a cute dog bandana for everyday wear, or even a costume for a special occasion, our range of dog clothes ought to fit the bill. We even stock the unique Thundershirt, which works to promote relaxation during thunder storms, fireworks and more by applying gentle pressure to the soft tissue, relieving anxiety naturally. How clever!

From winter to spring...

Australian weather is one of extremes, which is why our dog clothing range is so vast. For winter, consider a cosy hoodie, jumper or coat to give your pooch an extra layer of warmth. Fuzzyard has a bright, funky range full of character that you're bound to love! They also make shirts that are suitable for those mornings and nights that don't quite need a full-on coat.

But does my dog really need a coat?

Some dogs are genetically closer to their ancestor, the wolf, so they won't need a coat in winter - especially an Australian winter. Think Siberian Huskies, German Shepherds, and similar. Other breeds however will benefit from an extra layer of warmth, especially if they happen to be a senior, suffer from arthritis, or are a young puppy.


Bow ties! Bandanas! Costumes! For a fun twist on the everyday, both Mog and Bone and Fuzzyard make adorable accessories that will brighten up any dog's day. For very special occasions, Rubies Deerfield make high-quality pet costumes for Christmas, Halloween and more.

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