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Choosing the best food to fit your pet's age, breed and lifestyle, as well as your budget can be a tricky business! To help you with your research we've provided a breakdown of cost per feed, protein and fat contents for some of our most popular brands below.

When deciding on a pet food, it pays to consider additional factors such as the product safety record of the brand, their quality control methods and whether a veterinary nutritionist or qualified animal nutritionist was involved in the formulation of the diet. Try not to get drawn in by buzzwords like 'holistic' and 'natural' and instead look for solid evidence of any product claims. Consider the quality and variability of ingredients used as well as the overall digestibility of the product.

Remember that every pet will have subtly different nutritional needs and all recommended feeding amounts are designed to be used as a guide only. For best results consult your veterinarian or ask a Pet Circle Vet for advice before changing your pet's diet.

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  • *Price as of Pet Circle 9 August 2018 (5% Autodelivery discount not included)
  • **Calculated based on daily energy requirements of a 20kg Moderately Active Desexed Mixed Breed Dog using 1.6 x Resting Energy Requirement (RER)
  • ***Calculated on a dry matter basis correcting for energy density if greater than or less than 3.5kcal/g for dog foods and 4.0kcal/g for cat foods to allow comparison with AAFCO guidelines. These measures don't take into account the digestibility of the protein in the diet and bear in mind that for all except the Super Premium category the percentage protein and fat are minimum values only - the true value could be higher than this
  • ****According to AAFCO guidelines assuming energy density of 3.5kcal/g for dog foods and 4.0kcal/g for cat foods

Posted by Dr. Teagan Lever

Dr. Teagan is one of our resident Pet Circle Veterinarians. When Teagan isn't sharing her pet care knowledge at Pet Circle, she enjoys walking her two energetic Staffies, Jatz and Lando, as well as cuddling up with her three legged cat, Steve.

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