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Dr. Antonella Viriña, DVM
Last Updated 16 JAN 2020

Dr. Antonella graduated from the University of the Philippines Los Baños in 2019 with a degree in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with a specialization in research and diagnostics. Throughout her study, Antonella also gained a variety of experience in the companion animal industry, livestock husbandry, and equine and wildlife practice.

Enjoying the dynamic and continuous learning process that comes with being a vet, Dr. Antonella helps provide sound advice to pet owners to ensure the health and wellbeing of their pets.

Dr. Antonella's Pets

Dr. Antonella plays big sister to her parents' dogs, Sasha, the Siberian husky X pitbull mix, and Cuervo, the Chihuahua. Occasionally, Midnight, the black domestic shorthair tom also likes to hang out at her house when he's not busy exploring the hiding places in the outdoor kitchen.

At Pet Circle

History: Dr Antonella joined Pet Circle as a veterinarian in January 2020, working with our growing team in both Sydney and Manila. She is an important part of our in-house veterinary team answering your pet questions on our Ask A Vet service.

Holistic care, client education and nutrition are often neglected in the practice and Dr. Antonella hopes to be able to expand her knowledge and skillset to encompass these. She strives to provide clients the best advice for their pets, either through our Ask a Vet service or our pet care articles. What she enjoys most about working for Pet Circle is carrying out the mission of providing science-backed, gold standard information that helps pet owners make informed decisions while caring for their pets.

Antonella's Top Recommended Products

Feliway Diffuser

"Stress can really take its toll on cats. Felines are very sensitive to changes in their environment; such as when you move to a new house or introduce new pets. Feliway significantly reduces their anxiety and even aggression. This wonder product is perfect for any cat owner!"

Kong Interactive Toy

"Boredom in dogs can have a negative effect on their behavior. Keeping them mentally stimulated with an interactive toy like the Kong, which you can also stuff treats in, makes for a fun time for both you and your dog. Plus it comes in several sizes!"

The Big 5

"Parasites of all kinds can be such a nuisance but the Big 5 packs quite the punch, boasting one of the broadest spectrums of activity for parasite prevention, protecting against fleas, ticks, intestinal worms including tapeworm, and heartworm!"

Greenies Catnip Flavour

"It can be a lot harder to clean feline teeth than canine teeth. But combine the appeal of catnip with tartar-reducing treats, and you’ve got yourself a dental product your cat will love!"