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Dr. Lacey Kelly, BVSc (Hons)

29 JULY 2022

Dr. Lacey is one of Pet Circle's qualified veterinarians and passionate pet care enthusiasts. Dr Lacey graduated from the University of Queensland in 2016 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science and has worked for a number of years in small animal clinics across South East Queensland. Dr Lacey also worked as an Emergency and Critical Care veterinarian, helping save the lives of critically ill cats and dogs, and even the odd rabbit and duck too.

Lacey holds a special passion for pain management, small animal internal medicine, critical care, and senior support. Her favourite part of being a vet is helping clients make the best evidence-based choices for their pets and forming lasting relationships with pet parents and their fur children.

Dr. Lacey's Pets

Dr Lacey adopted her handsome rescue dog Roger from her University Clinical Studies Centre adoption program in 2012. Roger had been found on the streets after the Grantham floods and adopted and brought back multiple times before Lacey took him home. With lots of time, training, and love, Roger has grown into a confident boy and is now very accustomed to his life of luxury. Roger has multiple medical conditions, further contributing to Dr Lacey's interest in the management of complex medical cases.

Like many vets, Dr Lacey has taken in an animal from someone that could no longer care for them. This is how she ended up with a sweet little Goose named Toulouse. Toulouse has taken on the role of protective mother figure to her ducks Piccolo and Chai, and her chicken Wilma.

She also has a rouge peacock that has made himself at home on their property that Dr Lacey has affectionately named Pierre.



Toulouse and Piccolo

At Pet Circle

Dr Lacey joined Pet Circle in early 2022 as part of the in-house veterinary team. In addition to helping customers with advice on an array of pet care topics, Dr Lacey also writes articles for the Pet Circle Education Portal. Lacey also provides support to the customer service team.

Dr Lacey's favourite part about working at Pet Circle is being able to provide pet parents with evidence-based advice to help keep their fur children in their best health. She enjoys the creative side of writing pet care content and the exposure to further education. Lacey enjoys furthering her veterinary knowledge, and has completed additional training in critical care, toxicology, and orthopaedic conditions! Seeing photos that owners send through of their gorgeous fur children is the highlight of her day!

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