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All For Paws Afp Cat Grooming Arch

All For Paws Afp Cat Grooming Arch

AFP Cat Grooming Arch

The folks over at All For Paws are all about designing products that will fulfil the ever-changing needs and lifestyles of both pets and their owners. For all of your pets toys and accessories, look no further than All For Paws!

Designed to satisfy your cats natural urge to groom and rub themselves against a textured surface, this archway will keep your kitty happy, rubbing, and purring all day long! Let your kitty massage and groom themselves, removing excess hair and debris - and avoid wielding a brush and nursing your own scratched hands in the process! Made from a handy studded plastic arch and comfortable platform, this product is ideal for encouraging self-grooming in your fabulous feline friend.

  • Grooming tunnel - an arch containing studded comb-like teeth
  • Allow your kitty to groom themselves
  • Your cat can enjoy a massage and mark their pheromone
  • You can avoid an unpleasant brushing experience
  • Dimensions: L 22.4 x W 33.4 x H 32 cm

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All For Paws Afp Cat Grooming Arch

  • Variety:Interactive Toys

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