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Applaws Cat Litter Natures Calling

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5 star rating 5 Based on 27 reviewers recommend this product

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  • Reviewed

    I liked it but the cats do not which is what matters!

  • Reviewed

    Great odour control, no problem with the cat. Excellent product

  • Reviewed

    Something has happened to the quality of this product - the first bag I bought was perfect and virtually dust free like the description, but subsequent bags have been sooooo dusty that my cat has been sneezing every time he uses the litter and there is a brown layer of dust covering my whole bathroom. Very disappointed and this litter was probably the best that we’ve used - clumps very well, lasts a long time, economical as it can be changed every 4-5 weeks and minimised all of the odours. But the dust problem has made me look elsewhere.

  • Reviewed

    I find this product very dusty - terrible to breath. It does clump well and odour control is good, but the red dust puts you off. I would not say it was low dust. You can see the dust rising when you refill the litter tray!

  • Reviewed

    Great product, great odour control, and its flushable!!! Highly recommend.