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Birdie Play Gym Centre

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Birdie Play Gym Centre

A little birdie told us?that they'd really like some new toys for their cage! Something bright, colourful, maybe a bit noisy, and definitely something that can be chewed (because sometimes chewing on a perch just isn?t enough). What a coincidence then that Birdie makes toys that are all this and more!

Made to stimulate pet birds, prevent boredom and to encourage gnawing and play for beak and talon health, Birdie toys are available in a huge range of designs to suit most bird breeds. Their Birdie Play Gym Centre is a fun wooden bird toy that's ideal for out of cage play, with ladders to climb, swings to play on, bells to peck and lots of perches to hop between.

  • Made from wood
  • Helps to relieve stress and boredom through play
  • Assembly required
  • Three sizes available (please see above images)


Small ? 28cm x 23cm x 28cm (budgerigars and similar)

Medium ? 36cm x 26cm x 27cm (lovebirds and similar)

Large ? 48cm x 38cm x 37cm (cockatiels and small parrots)

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Birdie Play Gym Centre

  • Variety:Activity Toys
  • Pet:Bird

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    Have to say my two budgies love this!

  • Reviewed

    So I ordered a birdy gym 'medium' specified for cockatiels. I have a love bird and a cockatiel, the gym is great for my lovey because he is so small, but my tiel barely fits on the swing, or ladder so she kinda just hangs around on the top rail. So aside from being smaller than I though, it also doesn't come with instructions on how to assemble - I used the picture on the box to work out where to put everything. And lastly the poop catching box is the same size as the gym, so when the birds are on the rails facing in towards the gym their poop goes on to the bench or floor or where ever they are - I have to put newspaper under with the gym to catch their poops, not that I really mind - just would've been nice if the catcher tray was bigger. On the upside its bright and colourful and my lovey has plenty of fun on it. I would buy another bird gym, but next time not until I've seen it first!