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Classica Aquarium Starter Kit

4.4 star rating 14 reviews

CLASSICA Aquarium Starter Kit

Classica Aquarium Starter Kit

Classicas Aquarium Starter Kits are just the thing for fledgling fish-keepers and even more experienced hobbyists, thanks to its simple set-up and style, generous capacities and affordability. Made from scratch-resistant glass, each kit includes a hang-on power filter and associated media, black and white gravel, an aquarium net, a decorative plant and water conditioner.

Perfect for teaching younger children all about aquarium care, the Classica Aquarium Starter Kit is a great all-round package.

  • Made with scratch-resistant glass
  • Includes everything a beginner fish-keeper needs (however, we do recommend a heater for certain fish species)
  • Includes a hang-on power filter with media, coloured gravel, aquarium net, decorative plant, clear acrylic top cover, goldfish food and water conditioner
Model Guide:
Small: 30cm x 24cm x 16cm | Capacity: 12L
Medium: 36cm x 26cm x 22cm | Capacity: 21L
Large: 40cm x 28cm x 25cm | 30L

Please Note: Always base your tank size on the type of fish.
These tanks are suitable for only small fish such as danios, tetras etc. These can be used as temporary homes during transport, as a hospital tank or whilst cleaning a bigger tank, for other larger types of fish. 

Classica Aquarium Starter Kit


Ingredients List

Model Guide:
Small: 30cm x 24cm x 16cm | Capacity: 12L
Medium: 36cm x 26cm x 22cm | Capacity: 21L
Large: 40cm x 28cm x 25cm | 30L

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4.4 star rating 14 Reviews
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