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Drontal Small Dog 3kg

3.5 star rating 22 reviews


DRONTAL Small Dog 3kg

This comprehensive dewormer is specifically formulated for small dogs and puppies, offering effective protection against a variety of gastrointestinal worms. Drontal Chewable tablets are a palatable and efficient way to ensure your pet stays healthy and worm-free.

  • Effectively treats and controls roundworm, whipworm, hookworm, and tapeworms including hydatid tapeworm
  • Prevents shedding of Giardia oocysts, protecting your pet from intestinal discomfort
  • Palatable chewable formula for effortless administration
  • Integrated with a taste dogs love, simplifying dosage adherence
  • Dosage: One tablet per 3kg body weight
  • Weight Range: Formulated for small dogs and puppies
  • Administration: Easy oral intake
  • Treatment Frequency: Two-week intervals for puppies up to 12 weeks, monthly until 6 months old, adults every 3 months
  • Detailed weight and breed dosage chart available to ensure accurate administration
Pet Suitability & Product Care
  • Ideal for puppies starting from 2 weeks of age
  • Appropriate for lactating female dogs
  • Advisable treatment for pregnant dogs 10 days before whelping
  • Designed to not control heartworm but to focus on gastrointestinal parasites
Discover More

Maximize your dogs health by adhering to recommended deworming schedules. Delve into our educational resources in the Discover section for more pet care tips. Should your dog exceed 35kg, adjust the dosage accordingly. Explore the full Drontal product line on our Drontal brand page. Our detailed Guide to Fleas, Ticks, and Worms can provide further insight into effective parasite prevention.

About the Brand

Recognized and esteemed within the veterinary community, Drontal is synonymous with pet health excellence. The brands commitment to safety and efficacy in deworming treatments solidifies its status as a preferred choice for pet parents seeking to safeguard their furry companions from unwanted parasites.

Drontal Small Dog 3kg

Feeding Guidelines

These are broad guidelines only, designed to assist with feeding your pet based on their weight, age and activity level. Always check the feeding charts on your pet's food packaging in conjunction with these feeding guidelines. Required amounts may differ between individual pets, and adjustments may be required to maintain optimal body weight.

Once or twice daily feeding is recommended for adult dogs, unless otherwise specified by your veterinarian. Puppies and kittens require feeding more regularly, with the total portion divided into three or four meals throughout the day. Ensure fresh water is available at all times.


Customer Reviews

3.5 star rating 22 Reviews
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