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Feliway Spray

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Customer Reviews

5 star rating 5 Based on 10 reviewers recommend this product

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  • Reviewed

    Highly recommend this product! We tried everything to help our cat destress and nothing worked! This works a treat! I also spray on our furniture and it stops him from scratching on it too!

  • Reviewed

    This product works well when its used on a regular basis. We have one very grumpy cat, and I only notice the difference when I stop using it for a few days. She's still grumpy, but nowhere near as bad as without it!

  • Reviewed

    I haven't been using as regularly as when I first bought. I have noticed my cats who are stressed due to being medicated and constant home opens and strange people in the house have improved. As I was the bedding each week you do need to keep reapplying but I don't think you need to be heavy handed with it.

  • Reviewed

    Was recommended this spray for my two cats. It's really a hit and miss. If you're willing to spend this much on a spray then by all means but this did absolutely nothing for my cats. I sprayed it on furniture, sprayed within close distance, on their beds etc...nothing happened.

  • Reviewed

    Did nothing. N-O-T-H-I-N-G! Very expensive and useless to boot.

  • Reviewed

    Great service and very quick shipping - arrived within one day. Ordered feliway to help sooth my cat before a stay in a cattery. Appears to be working well - I could tell a difference from his normal nervous behaviour in new places.

  • Reviewed

    I bought this product Feliway for one of my cats , he was very nervous , spraying everywhere always hiding , getting stressed but now seen I have been using this he is so much playful , spraying has stopped ,comes out to greet people such a different cat . He plays a lot with the younger female cat . My cats are both neutered, and chip and such great fun and pleasure to watch them both be very playful to each other and with the family too .

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  • Reviewed

    I purchased the Fellway Spray a few weeks ago and it seems to be having positive effects. Our cat is extremely anxious and anything out of the ordinary makes her even more so.   The Fellway spray appears to be calming her down.  Early days bit I we can see a big difference in her general behaviour. 

  • Reviewed

    Great product. Used the plug in one before, now to cattery- has calming effect and they seek it out. Have put it on blanket

  • Reviewed

    With FIVE cats in the house of Christmas (my 3 and my daughter's 2) we knew we may be in for a rugged time. Feliway made the whole settling in process soooo much easier. I mental and physical life saver.