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Gigwi Johny Stick Catnip With Paper

GIGWI Johny Stick Catnip With Paper

The Gigwi Johnny Stick Catnip captivates cats with its premium North American catnip and tantalizing textures, including vibrant paper feathers that add to the visual entertainment. This interactive toy is designed to stimulate your cats hunting instincts and promote active play.

  • Infused with premium North American catnip for a stimulating scent
  • Textured surface encourages rolling and playful batting
  • Colorful paper feathers for added visual allure
  • Fosters natural hunting and predatory behaviors
  • Perfect for both interactive games and independent play
  • Designed to be lightweight for easy handling by cats
  • Main dimensions: 3cm x 3cm x 8cm (Please refer to our size guide for all available sizes)
  • Constructed with materials safe for pets to bite and lick
  • Robust build for enhanced durability and prolonged play
Pet Suitability & Product Care
  • Ideal for cats of all ages, especially those with a penchant for catnip
  • An excellent choice for stimulating exercise in indoor cats
  • Keep in a cool, dry area to preserve the potency of the catnip
  • Periodically inspect for wear and tear and replace if damaged to ensure safety
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About the Brand

Emphasizing the joy of playtime, Gigwi creates toys that are both imaginative and effective at tapping into the instincts of pets. Each Gigwi product is a testament to their commitment to durability, safety, and entertainment. To learn more about Gigwis high-quality, engaging toys, visit the Gigwi brand page.

Gigwi Johny Stick Catnip With Paper

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